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Berry4all - Blackberry support for the rest of us

Berry4All is a free, open-source software for using your Blackberry on alternative OS'es (Linux, OSX...)
Formerly known as BBTether.
Berry4All is released under the Artistic License.


Right now the main feature of Berry4all is tethering (use the blackberry as a modem)

It has been tested on multiple versions of Linux and OS X

More features are planned for later (install apps, sync etc...)

It is fairly easy to install since it's written in Python and does not need to be compiled.

Latest Version

Tested OS, Devices, providers

Tested OS's:
  • Linux: Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora
  • OS X: Tiger (PPC & x86), Leopard.

Tested Blackberry Devices
Device ID Device Name OS Works since Tested by (Thanks!) Infos
8100 OS 4.2 Pearl (black) Ubuntu 0.1c Myself & 2 others
8100 OS 4.5 Pearl (black) Ubuntu/Mint/OSX 0.2a/0.2c Myself
8130 Pearl (silver) Linux 0.1m Timothy Owings
8120 OS 4.5 Pearl - wifi Linux 0.2c Max Taranukha
8220 Pearl Flip Ubuntu 0.3f Chris Dundon Need battery pull(once)
8320 Curve Ubuntu 0.2h Kamran Kashef
8320 Curve Fedora 12 0.3l Fedora Mangler
8330 Curve Debian 5 0.3d Chris Jarvis
8530 Curve Ubuntu 0.3l Gufibutt
8820 Ubuntu 0.3f Yu Jiang
8900 Curve 2 Ubuntu 0.3f Myself
9000 OS 4.6 Bold Mac OS X 0.2l Barry Liu Bold needs Battery pull(once)
9500 OS 4.7 Storm Linux 0.2g Wennael Lemonnier(Strato)
9500 Storm OSX on Dell mini9 0.3l aero07
9530 OS 5.0 Storm Ubuntu 9.10 0.3j Luis
9550 Storm 2 Ubuntu Lucid 64 bit 0.3l akom
9630 Tour Linux 0.3f jcaino Verizon
9700 Bold Ubuntu 0.3l MaxG PlusGSM
9800 Torch Ubuntu Lucid 9700 Alexander Rau Bell mobility

Tested Providers (tethering)
Provider Country Works since Tested with Speed Down/Up(kbps) Tested By Infos
Bell mobility CA 0.3f N/A N/A N/A using rogers conf
Bouygues Telecom FR 0.2g 9500 N/A Wennael Lemonnier(Strato) Works with
China Mobile China 0.3f 8820 N/A Yu Jiang Using tmobile conf
Movistar Venezuela 0.3l ? N/A Ricardo Correa
O2 Jolicloud Germany 0.3l ? N/A Phil
Orange Romania 0.3f ? N/A Mihai Radu
PlusGSM Polland 0.3l ? N/A MaxG
Rogers(Edge) CA 0.2c 8120 162/40 Max Taranukha
Rogers(3G) CA 0.2l 9000 ? Barry Liu
SaskTel CA 0.36 8320 556 / 128 Fedora Mangler
SFR FR 0.3g 9000 2G Alexandre MELY See SFR config
Sprint) US 0.3l 8530 390/50 Gufibbut
Sprint(speed) US 0.1m 8130 630/79 Timothy Owings
Sprint(speed) US 0.3d 8330 800/80 Chris Jarvis
Starhub Singapor 0.3l 9000 N/A Osprey23
T-mobile(Edge) US 0.1c 8100 ~ 200/76(at best) Myself & 2 others
T-Mobile Hungary 0.3f 9000 N/A Robert Kuszinger
TIM Brazil 0.3m andradejr
US Cellular US 0.3j 8330 P.K. Carlisle USCellular config
TurkCell US 0.3l 9700 Erol SANER
Verizon US 0.3a 8330/9630 ChrisG
Verizon US 0.3j 9530 963/148 Luis
Vivo Brazil 0.3m João C. Coutinho
Zain Tanzania 0.3m Donovan Brockmeyer

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