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Berry4All: Compiling pyusb from sources on OSX

Developer tools

You will need this to compile anything.

If you rungcc in a terminal and get "command not found", you need to install the compiler (OSX developer tools)):

You can either find them on the Tiger/Leopard DVD's, or:
  • for leopard, xcode 3:
  • for tiger, xcode 2.5: (that was a pain to find !)

You will need to register/login (free) to Apple dev. connection to download those.

You also need to install the libusb SDK first:

Download and install xcode


Install pyusb from sources:

Download pyusb (
and extract it.

Then run those commands in a terminal ( will run the compilation)
In terminal
cd pyusb
sudo python install

Sharing your binary

It would be great if you could send me your compile (in pyusb/build folder), so i could add it to the universal binary.
This way nobody would have to compile it manually again.

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