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Installing Berry4All

Berry4Allis written in python which is readily available on most platforms
It also uses libusb and pyusb, and the GUI requires wxpython.

Follow the corresponding instructions for your OS: #Linux, #Mac OS X, #Windows


This script requires python, pppd, libusb and the python usb(pyusb) module installed:
sudo apt-get install python libusb-dev ppp python-usb

or if you have an rpm system:
yum (untested)
yum install python libusb-dev ppp pyusb

If you want to use the GUI, you will also need wxpython
sudo apt-get install python-wxgtk2.8

Download Berry4All:
and extract it wherever you want Ex: your home dir).

Mac OS X (Fixed 3/25/11)

Python 2.5+
  • If you are in Snow Leopard or Leopard, you already have Python 2.5 or better (you can run python -V to check)
  • If you are on Tiger or previous, you have a very old version of python (2.3 or less), install 2.5:

Thanks to Mattias Ellert for creating libusb OSX universal binaries.
Download and install libusb for Snow Leopard OR Leopard OR Tiger

Download & Install pyusb for Snow Leopard OR Leopard OR Tiger.

If that does not work(usb not found) you can always compile it from source.

If you want to use the GUI (not required), you will need wxpython.
Download and install the latest Unicode binary from: for your version of python. python -V to check.
For Example for Python 2.5 install: WxPython 2.5 Unicode (dmg)

Now you can download Berry4All zip here:
and extract it wherever you want (say your home dir).



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