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Using Berry4All

We need to run under root(sudo) because usually the USB device(Blackberry) can not be read/written to by a regular user(except OS X). IF you can't or don't want to run as root, see #faqs


On OSX, you do not need to bother will defaultroute, skip to #GUI

If your PPPD supports "replacedefaultroute"

Edit your relevant pppd file (ex: conf/tmobile) and uncomment (remove the # at the beginning) this line:

If it does NOT support it

Then you will want to disable all the other interfaces, so no routes are available, so bbtether/pppd can set one.

First you want to disable your other connections if you have some (say wifi), otherwise pppd won't be able to setup the default route and it will behave like it's not working.

To know which one run route in a shell and see which interface is listed (ex: eth1) (you can also use ifconfig -a)

Then bring it/them down: Ex: sudo ifconfig eth1 down

Now, when you run route, it should list nothing.

AFTER you are done with bbtether, you will want to re-enable your other connection(s):
Ex: sudo ifconfig eth1 up and possibly sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart


Until i make a proper application launcher, it will need to be started from a terminal.
Start a terminal.
Go into the berry4all folder (Ex: cd bbtether) and run sudo ./
Then simply use the GUI (straightforward)

See here for an example a GUI screenshot

If you have problems. please see the FAQ's on common errors and how to reach me if needed.

Tethering without the GUI (command line)

IF you want to use tethering without the GUI (ie: don't want to install WxPython)
cd bbtether
sudo python tmobile -v

If your device requires a password add it with the -P option
Ex: sudo python tmobile -P mypass -v

At this point you should be connected to internet through the blackberry.
See here for working bbtether Example Output

When done using the connection, you can stop using ^c
It should stop properly after a little bit.

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